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Leader in the textile professional processing and rental services
The Cotton Way group of companies is the leader of the Russian market for the textile professional processing and rental services.

Many years of experience, the largest network of industrial laundries with modern European equipment and effective detergents, and highly qualified personnel is a guarantee of an unequaled service quality.

The company offers a comprehensive service of textile purchase, processing and delivery. We allow our customers to forget about non-core activities and concentrate on their priority tasks.
Textile rental
What is the textile rental service?
Our experts assess your needs in advance to calculate the required stock, adjust product samples with you, and purchase high-quality textiles from our reliable suppliers. Since Cotton Way is the largest Russian textile buyer, our suppliers offer us attractive prices. This allows us to reduce the cost of services for you.
Professional processing
Washing, ironing, drying and assembling of textiles taks place at our modern production and logistics facilities. The process is organized using the most advanced technologies and based on our experience of the processes structure in industrial scale.
Before cooperation, we will agree with you the optimal delivery schedule, based on the consumption volume, the stock and additional requests. According to this schedule, our professional freight forwarders will arrange all the necessary documents at picking up your used textiles and replacing them with clean ones.

In addition to the turn over and reserve stocks on your territory, we also keep stock at our place to be ready to respond to growing demand, to replace spoiled items due to fair-wear of linen, and to make up for losses. Our warehouses provide safe and secure storage.
You do not need to reject spoiled textiles yourself. We regularly do this ourselves, reviewing each piece after processing. When we come across a defective product it is sent to our quality service for further repairing, alteration or disposal. Instead of a defective one, you will get a product that fully meets the agreed quality criteria.

We are actively developing the RFID-universal enumeration service, that allows to record the volume of receipt and transfer textiles quickly, and to store the entire transaction history for its further analytics and optimization of your processes as well. Besides, we are constantly working on improving the quality of accounting, optimizing information databases, automating processes and developing new services for you.
A network of our own industrial laundries with high-tech equipment, with a total capacity of 400 tons per day
We use modern industrial equipment from the world leader company Kannegiesser
We use professional technologies of the eco-friendly manufacturer of detergents Christeyns
We are focused on adherence to quality control and strict compliance with sanitary regulations and standards.
Our Consumers
JSC Russian Railways (RZD) became the first Russian company to switch to the textile rent. Cotton Way provides passenger trains with bed linen and soft removable property - pillows, blankets, etc.
We have 10 years of experience in cooperation with medical institutions, we serve more than 150 hospitals - in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, Tyumen. Cotton Way provides all types of textiles for rent: bed linen, products for surgical departments, clothing for staff and patients, linen for maternity hospitals and newborns.
We cooperate with three fitness clubs chains in Russia which are in the "Top 10" list, and with many independent sports establishments of the industry and beauty salons. In this segment, we also provide an anti-theft system based on smart RFID technology, which allows you to reduce the loss of towels.
We work with more than 50 hotels in Moscow and Sochi - we equip over 25 thousand rooms. Our service is in demand both by large hotel chains with a strict quality standard and by small accommodation facilities.
Manufacturing and enterprises
Enterprises that require overalls and special protective clothes for employees - we are ready to implement the necessary project for you. We have experience in this segment as we work with different types of pollution and have a vast delivery area. We keep up-to-date accounting of clothe sets and mark them.
Head office

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